Mother’s Day Remembrance

Hi Everyone,

When you are grieving, holidays often trigger waves of sadness, loneliness and longing. Mother’s Day, which Americans celebrate in May, is especially difficult for those who have lost a child, or who long for one of their own… as well as for those who have lost a parent or, like me, a spouse. I remember Mother’s Days before my husband died– he would help the kids make scrambled eggs & cheese, and all three of them would tiptoe noisily into the bedroom to wake me up. Andy would carry the tray, and the kids would proudly hand me the cards they made. By the time I had opened the kids’ cards, and gotten hugs, the eggs were cold, but it didn’t matter. The joy on their faces as they watched me eat the breakfast they made was incredibly special.

I try to honor Andy’s memory by making a difference for other people who are grieving. As a greeting card designer and coloring book author, I like to create cards which can be sent to anyone who has a hole in their heart… just to let them know someone cares. I know first-hand how much it helps to know that there is someone who cares about what you are going through.

For Mother’s Day this year, I’ve created a new coloring card, Remembering with Love.



Click to download a FREE pdf of the Zenspirations®Remembering_with_Love_card.

I’m inviting you to download and print out several copies to send to people you know who have recently lost someone they love. If you like to color, invite a group of creative friends to get together for a card coloring party.

Since many people struggle to come up with something to say on the inside of a card, here are a few suggestions:

You are in my heart.

Hope it helps to know that somebody cares.

Thinking of you today and hoping that you will find moments of joy as you remember ______.

If you knew the person who died, consider mentioning them by name in your message. It’s also nice if you can share a special memory. Most people who are grieving appreciate knowing that others remember their loved one.

Something like Thinking of you today, and remembering  ______ with love, or

I know that today won’t be easy, but I hope you will take time to remember, and to celebrate _____’s legacy. May the memories of happy times you shared bring you peace.

Reaching out to someone who is hurting is a great act of love– I thank you in advance for helping me reach as many people as possible. Together we can touch a lot of hearts!

Remember, you are NOT alone,